52 Years Young and Tired of my Saggy Body

Very kind and compassionate man. After researching for almost a year on real self I finally found Dr Sauceda I just new he was perfect match for me , I seen his work and looked at his reviews and so I decided to email him ,he got back with me within a day ,I new that I needed a LBL which included a TT and thigh lift ,I. Was so excited to speak with him and to hear the compassion in his conversation I decided to get a BL/BA he sent me a quote which was very reasonable, after that I sent my deposit and was able to get scheduled within 2 months , my surgery date was July 18th 2017 ,I flew into monterry Mexico on the 16th, his driver picked me and my friend up at the airport and took us to the Hotel, which is also in a nice area , I met with Dr Sauceda the next evening , he is such a sweetheart and a very honest man , we did my markings I which I felt very comfortable, he explained the pros and the cons to all the procedures that I was getting and after that he took me back to the room . The next day he came and took me to the surgery center where I was prepped, the next thing I know is that o was waking up 10 hrs later in my compression garment feeling like a new woman with a lot less fat . I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and the nurses was amazing , no one spoke English so I just downloaded Google translate and the how we was able to communicate, he came to see me every day that I was there , after I felt strong enough to return to my room I went back to the Hotel ...i really don't remember going to the room lol I guess it was the pain meds ....he has nurse by the name of Patti and she is the sweetest person you would ever want to meet , she came every morning to help me shower and changed my dressing, I stayed in the Hotel 10 days and Dr Sauceda came every day to check on me ...over all I'm very pleased with my results , my body looks great and I must say I'm in love with my new boobs ,I would do it all over again and I have no regrets , I highly recommend him , I was a little Leary about going out of the country but this has one of the best decisions that I have made

Dr. Sauceda and his staff are great!

I had a lower body lift, inner thigh lift, and a male chest reduction done in June 2017. Dr. Sauceda did a great job. At the mark up the night before surgery, he listened to what I wanted and explained what his suggestions were and why he suggested doing things that way. He explained the risks involved with the different procedures. He answered all of my questions and although I was...

Most amazingly talented surgeon

When I decided I wanted to have reconstruction plastic surgery after a massive weight loss, I started doing research on plastic surgeons. I have several friends that have had plastic surgeries done and did not have favorable results. Some of them are even disfigured for life. I knew I wanted to go to a surgeon, that specializes with patients that I've had massive weight loss. I have several...

I love this Doctor! Great experience.

I had a great experience with Dr. Sauceda. He was extra careful with me because I'm a weightloss patient. He was able to perform a LbL, Arm/ Thigh/Breast lift and a tummy tuck. I was in surgery for 13 hours and I love my results so far. The after care was amazing, Im pretty sure Patty is an angel walking on earth.. she was that amazing. The whole process was very smooth and easy. Im home and...

All my homework paid off - Mexico, MX

Wonderful. I'm glad I took my time to research, read reviews, became knowledgable about my procedure, (and prayed!) and followed Dr's orders pre- and post-op. I had the BEST experience you could hope for. I have worked with many drs within the medical field, and Dr. Sauceda is not only talented, but he connects with his patients, listens, answers questions completely, is not shy about...

Skin Removal and Breast Lift/aug After Massive Weight Loss - Monterrey, Mexico

Dr S is the most amazing doctor I could have ever asked for (and I work in the medical field). His surgery was amazing, but his bedside manner is beyond even that. Personable, answers his own emails, is straight forward and honest with what he thinks he can accomplish and what his limitations are, no bull$hit.

Dr Sauceda is the one!!!

After weight loss surgery I was so happy to find Dr. Sauceda, as I has a lot of excess skin and a droopy face. I found him very personable and the facility he uses to be perfect for my needs. I have had a face and neck lift, male breast reduction. tummy tuck lower body including leg and butt lift. I highly recommend Dr. Sauceda with all my heart.

Look no further

Ok this guy is great. I've had multiple procedures performed by this genius and I have been extremely happy with every one of them. The whole experience is seamless. Airport transfers, pre/post opp. care, hotel accommodations and affordability all are outstanding. On my way back next month for another procedure and I have full confidence I will again be elated with the outcome. He is a great...

Extremely happy with every procedure.

I've had multiple surgeries over the years with Dr. Sauceda and I have been extremely happy with every procedure. Everything from airport transfer, accommodations, pre/post care and affordability have been outstanding. He s very respectful of my time and works at accommodating my schedule. If you are considering any type of cosmetic procedure don't overlook this guy....he's great!

Dr. Sauceda is AMAZING!

Dr. Sauceda came highly recommended to me from a well respected friend in the medical field. He is gifted in the field of plastic surgery and serves patients from all across the United States who want perfection without the high USA costs. I have been to him for two different procedures and will be soon returning for a third. He and his staff are amazing. They pick you up from the airport,...

Amazing experience with dr. S

Dr. Saucers is definitely an artist. I lost 200 pounds, and he did arm lift breast lift and lower body lift. The healing went pretty good, with very minimal pain. I'm very satisfied with my results and have even reserved compliments on my scars from doctors here in the u.s.

Amazing Job

My tummy was starting to look like grand central station with 10 operation in the pas 27 years , I wasn't happy with the way my tummy was starting to look , A friend recomaned DR Sauceda to me , so I thought why not , I sent him an email explaning to him about my tummy , my husband and I met him on Skype , he was very pleasant to talk to , he ask me send him pictures of my tummy , my husband...

Dr. Sauceda is the best!

Had my surgery with Dr. Sauceda nine days ago, and I couldn't be happier! I had a lower body lift, arm lift, small thigh lift, and breast lift/augmentation. I know it's early and things will change over time, but if it didn't get any better than it is today, I would still be 110% satisfied. The results are everything I hoped for and more. Dr. Sauceda is wonderful. Communicates mostly via...

Whole Body Done with Mini Face Lift

Wow, dr is amazing. The quality of his work is unparalleled. I spent almost 2 weeks in Mexico with him and his nurse. I had a great experience and everyone was extremely kind. It's been two months since my procedures and I am healing very well. The photos are from about 3 weeks after surgery. I have lost 200 lbs and kept it off for about 6 years. I had an old tummy tuck from about 12 years...

Highly recommend Dr Sauceda

I am 6 years out of a weight loss surgery and have been waiting for my "turn" to have plastic surgery. I have done years of research and unfortunately my insurance would not cover anywhere near what I needed to reconstruct my body after losing 130lbs. As a self-pay patient I researched many options and although price did factor into my decision it was not THE reason I chose

Dr Sauceda. Dr...So Worth It

Had post-WLS body work, LBL with buttock autoaugmentation, long medial thigh lift and inverted tummy tuck revision. Dr. Sauceda was very warm and professional. He checked in with me at the hotel every day of my 2 week stay in Mexico. He went above and beyond duty to get me a consultation with another doctor about my varicose veins while I was in Mexico.

Arm Lift/Breast Lift Combo. Mexico, MX

Excellent surgeon. Very caring. Explains things well. Listens to your concerns and wishes. Great aftercare. I plan on returning for lower body surgery.

51 Yr Old Mom of 3 Wonderful Kids Needing to Do This for Me!!! - Mexico

Hi all of you beautiful ladies. Like most of you I have lost weight and regained it and more then lost it again, over and over. April 2014 I decided to finally loose it for good when my Doctor suggested to have a Gastric Sleeve. I had heard of this procedure and had even had a friend who had it done in Mexico and had done research on it and was considering going to Mexico.

I was so glad my...

33, 2 Kids Weight Gain/Loss Has Taken Their Toll tummy tuck, benelli lift and 410 augmentation. I researched Dr Sauceda a couple of years ago and then recently again in the last month starting considering finally getting a tummy tuck and lift. After contacting local dr. I was not satisfied with the after care. I emailed Dr S and booked with him even though I had to travel far. I am 2 weeks out and so far have a great experience. Stayed in the clinic three nights and then a hotel for 7...

Arm Lift and Breast Lift with Augmentation

Hello everyone, I am a 20-something year old woman who lost 120+ lbs naturally with diet and exercise from the years 2011-2013 (roughly). I lost the weight slowly, naturally, was young, exercised and ate healthy but was still left with sagging skin. I think I did minimize the amount of skin I had but I was not left unscathed. I have maintained the weight loss for over 2.5 years now and have...

Multiple Lifts After Losing 120+ Lbs - Mexico, MX

I have gone to Dr. Sauceda twice now, for multiple reconstructive skin surgeries after losing 160 lbs. I have had my entire body reshaped by him, including thigh lift, arm lift, breast reduction, lower body lift, upper body lift, reverse upper abdominoplasty and lateral chest lift. Both times I was very happy with his treatment, and how well he communicates what is possible and how best to address the concerns you have with your body. The level of care recieved while there, from both him and his nurse Paty, who both come daily to check on you and change bandages and what not, is exceptional and exceeds that which you would get back home in Canada in my case. I recommend him to anyone who has lost a lot of weight and is looking at getting a more "normal" looking body. Medical tourism is scary for many, but it is well worth it to go to a doctor who specializes in patients like me.

No longer participating

From the start, I knew that PS in the USA was out of the question because of the high cost. After 6 months of looking at photos and reading about experiences with surgeons in Mexico and elsewhere, I was 95% certain that Dr. Sauceda was the surgeon for me. It seemed that a lot of other surgeons had patients that clearly weighed too much for both the surgery and results they were expecting,...

Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, and Arm Lift- Best Decision Ever.Mexico, MX


Skin is HANGING!! So Ready to Get on the Flat Side! - Mexico

So far Dr. Sauceda has been very helpful and timely. I hear he is a true artist and an excellent surgeon and am excited to become his next canvas!

26, 1 Kid, Lost 170lbs w/ gastric bypass surgery 7 yrs ago!

Dr. Sauceda has been very patient with me so far. I have had tons of of conversations with him, changed what I wanted done, and bothered him with lots of emails! So I will be getting a lower body lift, breast lift with implants, arm lift, inner thigh lift and fat transfer to my butt. I have a very body shape so, I'm hoping to get fat transferred to my hips also. I will be traveling down with...

Never Thought I Would Do This! - Mexico

Twenty one years ago I got pregnant with my first child and I went from a generous 36B to a 40DD. After 20 years of neglecting my body, I found myself at a whopping 327 pounds. Something had to change. With a lot of hard work, I struggled my way back down to 165 pounds. At 45 years of age and standing 5 foot 9, I am very happy with that number. The happiness disappeared however, every time...

23 Yrs, Mother of 1, Much Needed Tummy Tuck +lipo - Mexico, MX

Dr. Sauceda is definitely hands down the best of the best. He really gave me the results I wanted plus more. I had only went with the intention of getting my tummy tuck and lower back lipo done and he went and added lipo on my bra fat. He even had his personal assistant come and pick us up from the airport and take us to the hotel. He drove me to the hospital the day of surgery himself and even brought me back 3 days after the surgery. He send a nurse to check on you everyday to assist you in the shower and changing your garments. He really gives you the full VIP treatment. I couldn't have had made a better choice. I truly love my Dr.

Arm Lift, Thigh Lift, Tummytuck, Lipo, Blift - Monterrey, MX

This doctor was born with artistic skill. He seems to just know where to make the incision to get the best results - I wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Lower Body Lift, Arm Lift, Long Thigh Lift--MAGIC! - Monterrey, MX

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Sauceda and his team. I was very impressed with his wealth of experience in working with massive weight loss patients, especially. He was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and personable. Looking at it with a nurse's eye, the surgical care was excellent. The post-surgical follow-up was likewise above reproach, and I felt that every member of the team really listened to my questions and concerns, and made sure I got the information and care that I needed. I would recommend Dr. Sauceda to any patient seeking plastic surgery, and would definitely seek his services in the future!

49, Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift/aug, Arm Lift and Small Thigh Lift After Massive Weight Loss - Monterrey, Mexico

Very caring surgeon. I appreciated that he set "realistic"expectations and then exceeded them!

Excess Skin from Weight Loss.... - Monterrey, MX

Dr. S is very polite, professional and personable! He truly cares about his patients. I felt completely at ease with him and the team at the clinic. I had a lower body lift, breast lift with aug and long thigh lift. Pain associated with the procedure was minimal. The doctor does use a different approach for the surgery that will alleviate stress associated with issues for anesthesia. I had a few minor surgeries, before WLS and always miserable after surgery because of the anesthesia.....I had NO SIDE EFFECTS and woke up from a 10 hour surgery feeling pretty darn good, outside anxiety of course! The clinic was spotless. Staff was very responsive to me and my family. I would recommend basic spanish if you go, but always keep your google translator app handy :) After the clinic, the stay at the hotel was nice. The doctor and his nurse Paty, visited DAILY. Paty assisted with showers and cleansing of wounds etc. She also was so kind, if you were alone, would even run errands. I could not have asked for a better experience for what I had done.

37 Year Old, Breast Lift, Massive Lipo to Inner Thighs, Arm Lift and Belly Button Repair. Mexico, MO

Dr. Sauceda is a VERY warm down to Earth surgeon. He is definitely skilled and is passionate about his work. His English is very good and I never once wasn't able to understand what he was conveying to me. I'm so grateful to have found him. Once home in the United States, our communication continued via email and I never had to wait very long at all for a response. I did have a small complication, but not due to his work, just due to my body and how I swell. He was quick to offer help and advice and all was corrected. I would recommend his skills to anyone in search of plastic surgery.

Brest Lift with Implant, Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift - Mexico, MO

I am 26 old female. I had some loss skin after dropping some weight. I went completely raw food which did help me a lot of losing around 25 pounds. My breast was 36D and after the weight is 32B. I consider getting a breast lift with implant to give me a more full youthful look after my breast lost that. After I reached my weight goal I decided to get those surgery done.

After Multiple Children and Massive Weight Loss, Makeover Was Reconstructive - Mexico, MX

My surgeon was very kind and knowledgeable. His nurse Patty was awesome, caring and attentive. I had an overall great experience in MX, except for my personal homesickness and loneliness. The clinic was clean and modern and my treatment was top notch. Complications once I went home made it difficult to be so far from my surgeon, so I had to seek out a local surgeon for follow up care. Overall, I feel my results could have been better, but I'm not sure if it is just the way I healed. Update: I have reduced the rating, because I feel my personal like for Dr. Sauceda initially led me to give him a higher rating than deserved, considering that he left my right breast very noticeably larger than the left breast. He even told me this immediately as I woke up, to his credit, he did offer to fix it with a revision, as I told him that I was very unhappy about it. The asymmetry caused me over 3 years of hating my breasts and led me to more expense to fix it with a different surgeon. I think that although talented in his skills and although it was still a great improvement from my previous form, it is unacceptable that he didn't notice that it was that uneven while I was being operated on. His rates are very reasonable, he is super nice, but if I had to do it over, I would never go to Mexico or use this surgeon and I think my rating should reflect that opinion.

Full Tummy Tuck in Monterrey - Mexico

I had vertical sleeve surgery at the end of January 2013. I had already lost 50 pounds and at the time of surgery was weighing 276 pounds. I'm going on my 11th month and have lost 80 pounds since. I'm currently 195 pounds. I'm ok with my top half and my legs. I just don't like my stomach. I always had a huge pannus and its gotten smaller but I definitely need some plastics. I never...

Best Decision I Ever Made - Monterrey, Mexico

I researched him on the internet after hearing about him on a WLS support group. He was so kind and gentle and his team was great! I have never had this kind of treatment in the US. He was there for me, answered all my questions, put me at ease and did a wonderful job! I am so pleased with my results. I couldnt have asked for better! He is the BEST!

Outstanding Results!! Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift, Upper Eye Lift, Neck Lift - Mexico, MX

Outstanding artist and surgeon specializing in weight loss patients. After care that is exceptional. Pricing that is affordable. When I started to look for a doctor I wanted the best. It's not like I'm wealthy, but I was going to only do this if the situation was perfect for me personally. I was very impressed by a few doctors work I had seen online and their patient reviews, but the cost was $25,000 to $30,000 just for a body lift alone. If you wanted breasts, that was done a week later at and add'l $7-9,000. I found a few local docs in the midwest that were $15-$19,000 for the LBL. That seemed more doable, and their pics and their work looked good too, and they had lots of experience. However, I was really bummed about the thought of surgery that extreme and then figuring out how to care for myself afterward. Many places offer an after care (at a premium) or as they consider a bonus, they have surgical facilities on site and you can go home that day. Woo Hoo...that means getting a ride home and then get back in the car and drive back the next day and every other day as needed for check ups. I'm single and live alone. The thoughts of the financial drain it would put on me made me literally weep when I realized that I just can't afford to do it. But I kept looking and reading. One woman had shared that lots of people go to Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey, Mexico. I was like...MEXICO? Hell no. NOPE. Next. But, I asked a few questions because it seemed odd. Why would you go so far away for this scary procedure? The answers she shared and the posts that I read from other patients once I started to check into it, sealed the deal. In addition to 12 days of after care, he reimburses you $600 for your flight. The more procedures you have, the less each one costs. His specialty really is weight loss patients. Some of my "surgery sisters" had many procedures done: thigh lifts, upper body lifts, arm lifts, etc. Dr. Sauceda is a gifted surgeon. He really is an artist. His pricing is affordable, the aftercare was the deal-sealer for me, but the results are beyond my expectations.

Combined PS Procedures After WLS - Monterrey, Mexico

I found out about Dr Sauceda from a fellow Duodenal Switch (WLS). Discovered Obesity Help had a group dedicated to Dr Sauceda's patients and those exploring PS. I met with Dr Sauceda in Aug 2010 in San Francisco and had surgery Jan 2011. The care that was received was over and above what I would have received in the states. I also liked that the procedures were done with an epidural and twilight sedation. I came out of surgery rested, wide-awake, and I wasn't sick for days after. I was in the 24/7 clinic for 7 days and wasn't sent home the same day with a pain pump as would have been done locally. Dr Sauceda came by daily while I was in the clinic and for the 7 days that I was at the hotel. I also had his cell phone if there were any problems. Everything healed nicely and I think Dr Sauceda is fantastic. I love my Body by Sauceda.

Excellent - Mexico, MX

He deserves a 10 rating in everything! Where do I start? This man is the best! He is caring and extremely skilled for weight loss patients. I have had 3 surgeries with him, Brachioplasty, Tummy Tuck, Lower body lift, extended thigh lift, facelift and eyelift. The price is good, but the care is what brought me back over and over again!

Beyond Happy! - Mexico

I had bad asymmetry. Dr. Sauceda did a wonderful job with my breast. They are still alittle uneven but nothing is perfect. ;)) I also had fat transfer to my butt. I think i still have 30% left. I had armlift, bl/ba, small tl, fat transfer, and lipo. Going to Mexico for ps is not for every one, but i am so pleased with my experience!

My experience with Dr. Sauceda was wonderful!

My experience with Dr. Sauceda was wonderful! He took the time to thoroughly explain the whole procedure to me and my family. He made sure that I was comfortable and helped me communicate with others. I would definitely go back to see him if I needed another procedure and I would recommend him to family and friends. Thank you very much Dr. Sauceda!

I did a lot of research before I chose you...

I did a lot of research before I chose you for my plastic surgeon. Your patient recommendations were so positive that I was almost skeptical. However, now that I've had my surgery let me be the first and loudest to sing your praises! You are a highly skilled surgeon with an artist's eye for beauty. When I saw your incredible attention and concern for even the smallest of details I felt very confident being in your hands. Your enthusiasm and love for your work convinced me you would do nothing short of the best job possible. The entire experience and surgical results have truly exceeded my expectations. To me it is a miracle that after having a lower body lift, thigh lift, and breast augmentation I was able to go off of pain pills and walk around a mall in less than a week. I look and feel twenty years younger and my husband looks at me and acts twenty years younger! After years and years of being obese, then another year of living in pounds of saggy skin, there just aren't enough words to describe how great I now feel. My only thought going into this was to get rid of some rolls of skin, I did not realize how good you would make my body look. I also want to thank your wonderful hospital staff. Everyone was warm and kind beyond my expectations. You have a very modern and professional hospital, but all of you managed to make me feel like I was a personal guest. I will always appreciate everything that was done to take care of me and make sure I had a comfortable stay. Please feel free to give my name and email address to anyone who requests a recommendation. I will be happy to share about my positive experience in the beautiful city of Monterrey and, most importantly, my excellent surgical results. Knowing what I now know I would come to you even if you charged over twice the price like American doctors!. Debora McDonnell

I am a past patient of Dr. Sauceda...

I am a past patient of Dr. Sauceda, he performed a face lift on me in February 2009 and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his work. I am a 67 year old woman who went to him to see if he could repair some of the ravages of time and I and my family think he's done a marvellous job. It's still too soon after surgery,,just two weeks ago, to see the final results but already my eyes look younger, the jowls are gone and so is the turkey neck and it's only going to get better and better. I am most impressed with the personal care Dr. Sauceda provided, it was far more than I expected, and made the whole experience a very good one. His clinic is very modern and clean and staffed with capable and caring nurses. I believe Dr. Sauceda's surgical skills are excellent and the after care I received made such a difference to what could have been an intimidating experience. It was reassuring to be kept in the hospital for a few days following surgery instead of being a day surgery patient and having to cope on your own. I am more than pleased with the results so far and and so glad that I made that decision to go to Dr. Sauceda. I hope that is the sort of testimonial you're looking for, if you have someone who would like more information please feel free to give them my e-mail address and I will contact them direct. If there's anything else you'd like me to mention in the above just let me know and I'll fix it. Again thanks for making this such a positive episode in my life. Janice

After 2 years of researching plastic surgeons I decided to go to Dr. Sauceda...

Hello my name is Jamie K. I am a 45 year old female who had lost 190 lbs due to a Duodenal Switch WLS. After 2 years of researching plastic surgeons I decided to go to Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey Mexico. Loosing such a large amount of weight left me with an enormous amount of loose skin. To the rest of the world I looked like a "normal person" however, when I took my clothes off I was anything but normal. The loose skin made me feel so self conscious about my body that I even avoided letting my new husband see me naked. We were only married for 2 weeks when I left him to go to Dr. Sauceda. Dr. Sauceda is wonderful. I cannot begin to say enough nice things about him or how happy I am with the results of my surgery's. It was very scary for me because I had no choice but to travel to Mexico alone. My flight arrived in Monterrey at night and I am happy to say that Dr. Sauceda personally picked me up at the airport. From the moment I arrived I felt comfortable with him. He was both professional, personable and his English was impressive. I had no trouble understanding him at all. He was very patient in answering the questions that I had and he took great care during my appointment to make sure that I fully understood what he would be able to correct with surgery and what he would not be able to correct. The clinic was very comparible to those we have in here in the USA. It was small, and clean. The nurses who cared for me did not speak very good English BUT we allways seemed to be able to make ourselfs understood! They were great! Because I have a past surgical back ground I understood better than some people might the dangers of being under general anesthesia (being put to sleep) for a long period of time. That is why I was very happy when I learned that Dr. Sauceda did not do that. I was concerned about the possibility of remembering things about my surgery or feeling pain but it was needless of me to do so! I felt like I was in a sleepy dream like state where time was of no importance. I DO remember Dr. Sauceda telling me when he was going to start a procedure and when he had finished a procedure but that is about it. I felt no pain at all before, during or after the procedures. This surprised me greatly as I expected to feel a lot of pain afterwards. The very thought that I would have my body worked on to such an extent and not feel any pain afterward's was unimaginable! I am still amazed over this. I had a LBL, BL/BA, Brachioplasty, Inner thigh Lift, and Vaginal Rejuvenation. A week later I had a full face lift. And my results are better than I had hoped they could ever be! In my honest opinion Dr. Sauceda is an artist! Because of his skill not only am I more self confidant but am a much happier person. It was not until after my plastic surgery did I truly realize just how much emotional baggage all the loose skin was actually causing me! ON a personal note...I would like to strongly recommend others who have lost a great deal of weight to go ahead and get the face lift too. All my family and friends told me before I went to Dr. Sauceda that I did not need a face lift and I was just being vain. Boy did they change their tune when I got home and they saw my results! I look so refreshed. No longer do I look tired and worn out. And yes, I do look younger. I have recommended Dr. Saucedo to my friends and to my family and if I ever decide to have anything else done to my body he is the only plastic surgeon I will ever consider. Oh, and my husband is extremely happy with the results. He now has a wife whom instead of shamefully covering herself up and hiding now actually takes pride in being undressed in front of him!. Jamie K.

Thankful and Grateful.

It has been almost 4 months since my surgery with you and every time I look at the before and after pictures I am amazed and thrilled at the difference. When I began my weight loss journey I always intended to have cosmetic surgery to complete my transformation and I will be forever grateful for your most attentive care before, during, and after my surgery. I did a great deal of research before choosing you and I am so glad I did. From our first conversation you made me feel like I would be treated with care and would be provided with the best results. When we met it was like meeting an old friend that I had not seen in a while. You answered all of my questions without hesitation and always had my best health and interest in mind. The staff was kind and always made me feel comfortable. You are an outstanding person and surgeon and I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in a quality cosmetic surgeon. I look forward to returning to beautiful Monterrey and completing my cosmetic journey but even when it is over I know that I will always call you friend. Thank you for returning the smile to my face and putting a twist in my step. Thankful and Grateful. Antonette.