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"The most important thing when we are with a patient , is to make them feel comfortable, offer them enough time , and answer all of their questions" -Dr. Sauceda-

Dr. Francisco Sauceda M.D. performs a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for the face and body at his practice in Monterrey, Mexico. And he specialize in massive weight loss patients. Dr. Sauceda earned the degree of Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Hospital Universitario by the UANL, the first plastic and reconstructive curse in Mexico and one of the most respected ones.

Dr. Sauceda has been trained by the best in the field and is well respected in the Plastic and cosmetic surgery community as a man who cares deeply about the quality of his work and helping his patients achieve optimal results.Because of his extensive training and experience, Dr. Sauceda is uniquely qualified to perform cosmetic procedures.

We do everything possible to ensure that your visit to Monterrey as a plastic surgery patient is a magnificent experience. We help patients to feel at home with our facilities and individual attention. Our offices are located in the Doctors Hospital. Dr. Sauceda offers the same procedures as offered by plastic surgeons in the United States at a fraction of the cost to the patient. We are dedicated to helping our patients realize their dreams by providing personalized care, state-of-the-art procedures, and outstanding results.

Your safety is our first concern!

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Dr. Francisco Sauceda

Certified plastic surgeon

Experienced board-certified plastic surgeon at Monterrey Mexico. Dedication to improving his skill as a surgeon epitomizes his practice and is the cornerstone of his philosophy as a physician. He has been in the weight loos patient field for more than 11 years, innovating on specific procedures for this king of patients. Speaking fluent English, Spanish and Italian.

Dr. Gabriela Moreno Ramos


Experienced board-certified anesthesiologist specialize on plastic surgery patients and weight loos patients.

Dr. Antonio Cardenas Barajas

Certified plastic surgeon

Certify by the Mexican Board of Plastic Surgery, with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Member of the Mexican Association of Plastic surgery (AMCPER) Member of Colegio de Cirugía Plástica de Nuevo León.

Nurse Patricia Herrera


Nurse Paty is a well is a very important part of our team, her caring support and smiling during your stay in the hotel will make you feel in home.


“I had a great experience with Dr. Sauceda. He’s a great person & excellent surgeon. The people at the hospital were compassionate. The hospital was very clean. The hotel was very nice too. I stayed at the Hampton. The staff was very courteous and the food was great. I’m very happy with the results. I had breast augmentation, tummy tuck, arm lift and outer thigh lift...

My experience with Dr. Sauceda was wonderful! He took the time to thoroughly explain the whole procedure to me and my family. He made sure that I was comfortable and helped me communicate with others. I would definitely go back to see him if I needed another procedure and I would recommend...

I did a lot of research before I chose you for my plastic surgeon. Your patient recommendations were so positive that I was almost skeptical. However, now that I've had my surgery let me be the first and loudest to sing your praises! You are a highly skilled surgeon with an artist's eye for beauty...

"I decided to have a full face lift after losing over 80 pounds. I researched for months until I came across information about Dr. Sauceda. He was highly recommended by someone who had just had surgery, so I studied some more about him. I chose Dr. Sauceda over other doctors I was researching...

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