Multiple procedures

Loose sagging skin just does not look good and gets in the way of normal activities or movement. Aging, pregnancy, certain genetic skin conditions, and major weight loss can result in lax hanging tissues. The body is three dimensional. When the problem extends around the body, Body Lift Surgery can addresses loose drooping tissues circumferentially. Body Lift Surgery often involves several stages to address the entire body: Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift, Arm Lift, Upper Body Lift among other sculptures. We take our patient's education, sculpture, after care, and comfort very seriously.

Good Candidates for Multiples procedure

Patients need to have realistic goals and loose tissues that are sagging in one or multiple body regions. Individuals need to be in good health without multiple medical problems, impaired healing, bruising, or bleeding difficulties. This surgery is not suitable for those using Nicotine, complications are just too great. Those with excessive BMI (Body Mass Index) or high body fat % should consider weight loss options first. The fat inside the abdominal cavity should not be excessive so that the surgery can flatten the abdomen. When lying down, the stomach should not project above the ribs. Different degrees of sagging can exist around the body. Choosing the type of body sculpture is a balance of compromises, the scar for the excision vs. the benefit of the lift.

Our team usually perform multiple procedures in our patients, this has been developed because of a special need on our patients. This is something we can do safe if our patients has a healthy condition.